Gran-E’s from Mister-E-Liquid: The Secret Ingredient is Love

Gran-E’s from Mister-E-Liquid: The Secret Ingredient is Love

27th Apr 2017

(and a comprehensive quality management system)

As you know better than anyone, the first challenge in marketing e-liquid is drawing someone in for a taste; once they try the flavor, if it’s a good one, of course they’re going to want more, but getting them to take that first vape is the highest barrier to entry. That’s one reason that MELWholesale takes great care in the production of our labels: an evocative image does as much or more to draw a customer in than a flavor description, or even a brand name. In addition, several members of Mister-E-Liquid’s award-winning line of plastic bottle e-liquid are matched together in easy groups, so as to make your job a little easier: an apple pie flavor on its own is simply one among many; Gran-E’s Apple Pie, together with a family of assorted bakery flavors, can trade on the strong marketing power of the line, rather than standing on its own.

Today we’re going to talk about one of these powerful lines, and no surprise, it’s the Gran-E’s bakery e-liquid line itself. With mouth-watering label imagery, and together in a group of similar bakery flavors, the Gran-E’s line of Mister-E-Liquid premium e-liquid is a top seller, and it’s easy to see why! Who doesn’t love the scents and memories of Grannie’s kitchen? Trading heavily on this nostalgia, this line follows up the attention-grab with genuine, authentic flavors that are certain to leave your customers wanting more.

For all of our tasting today, we’ll be using two atomizers: the first is a Geekvape Tsunami RDA, loaded with Ninja Wire Fused Clapton Designer Wire, and wicked with Ninja Wick Organic Japanese Cotton. The second is a Kanger ProTank 4, loaded with Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils. Taken together, they cover the span of typical vapers, from your hardcore RDA enthusiast to your everyday tank user; our impressions will generally apply to both, but where there’s a sharp difference between the two, we’ll make note of that.

Gran-E’s Apple Pie E-Liquid
Gran-E's Apple Pie Vape Juice

Certainly apple pie sounds delicious, but if it doesn’t taste delicious, your sale is going to be a one-time deal. For repeat performance, and customer satisfaction, an e-liquid needs to be able to follow through on its promise. Let’s dig deep into Gran-E’s Apple Pie E-Liquid and see how it lives up to its name.

On first draw, the apple shines through clearly, but this isn’t a sweet apple: it trends more toward the apple cider than the apple juice end of the spectrum. It’s deep and rich, a powerful flavor right at the front of the profile. It’s made darker and more complex by the strong note of spice: make no mistake, this is a heavy, flavorful e-liquid, like sprinkling cinnamon and cloves on a Golden Delicious apple.

That flavor comes through cleanly, and on the RDA, it’s trivial to adjust the power of the spice depending on the wattage - and thus temperature - of the coils, to bring out isolated portions of that flavor profile. Once that draw is complete, there’s a strong base flavor remaining, a very genuine dough flavor, not powerful or lasting, but simply remaining throughout, like a good pie crust should. The aftertaste is all about that spice, and it really preps the mouth for another draw.

Gran-E’s Apple Pie E-Liquid is a very strong first-time performer when you’re looking for something to draw in the customer. It’s not just about nuance and complexity - although it’s got those - but rather about a dark, rich flavor that makes a real impression.

Gran-E’s Apple Strudel E-Liquid
Gran-E's Apple Strudel Vape Juice

These two flavors are similar enough in profile that a good palate cleanse is wise. I use pickled ginger, personally, but a good strong drink of whatever you’re having is a nice start.

Initial impressions are that this flavor is everything Gran-E’s Apple Pie is not: Gran-E’s Apple Strudel E-Liquid is definitely a different type of apple flavor, sweet and crisp, even light, very nearly floral, if you can imagine such a thing. In apple terms, this is more of a Honey Crisp than a Golden Delicious, carrying much of its flavor on its sweetness. It’s an excellent counterpoint to the spice, with a rounded, airy mouthfeel. It’s not cloying or overwhelming, just a strong right-angle to the previous apple.

Its crust is different, too, less doughy and more sweet, but with that same solid base flavor texture, following the e-liquid through the whole inhale and exhale. But what really sets this one apart is the icing: there is something magical about the icing flavor in this e-liquid. It’s cooling on the lips, and leaves the mouth sweet and frosted, like the gentle glaze on a ring donut - or, indeed, on a strudel.

It’s easy to see how the inspiration of this flavor was fulfilled on its icing; this could have been another apple pie, save for that frosting. Gran-E’s Apple Strudel E-Liquid is a wonderful blend of flavors, sweet and light, the shine to Apple Pie’s shadow.

Gran-E’s Banana Nut Bread E-Liquid
Gran-E's Banana Nut Bread Vape Juice

This is easily one of the most authentic Mister-E-Liquid flavors. In fact, there’s a very specific banana nut bread mini-muffin that this puts me in mind of even more than my own grandmother’s banana nut bread. It’s uncanny how much Gran-E’s Banana Nut Bread E-Liquid tastes like real banana nut bread.

The banana comes first, sweet and lively, definitely a fruit flavor: this is a 'real banana' flavor, not a 'candied banana', so customers looking for authentic banana need look no further! That genuine banana is backstopped with a solid foundation of, well, ‘bread’ isn’t really the right word for it. It’s a foundational dough flavor, but that doesn’t do it justice: it’s complex and varied, almost nutty on the inhale, and that’s the flavor that remains on the exhale, the banana slowly drifting away into ambiguity, with that crisp nuttiness remaining.

Somehow, though, the aftertaste is mostly very light, short-lived banana again, and it really primes the pump for that next inhale. There’s nothing cloying left behind, nothing over-sweet. The flavor is truly balanced, with a very full, rich flavor, but not a lot of leftover taste when it’s gone. This would make a superb all-day vape, but in terms of first impressions, if you’re trying to show a customer that e-liquids can taste like actual real things, Gran-E’s Banana Nut Bread E-Liquid e-liquid is a showstopper! On the RDA, in particular, the more wattage, the greater the depth and complexity of this banana nut bread flavor.

Gran-E’s Peach Cobbler E-Liquid
Gran-E's Peach Cobbler Vape Juice

This is going to be one of those days where I vape so many bakery flavors that I actually end up making a real pie. Gran-E’s Peach Cobbler E-Liquid is really something else! I haven’t tasted a peach like this before: it’s ripe and luscious, yes - that part’s right in the flavor description - but it’s also sweet, more like a canned peach in syrup than a fresh sliced peach from the tree.

There’s spice here, too, but it’s a breath to the Apple Pie’s breeze, a sprinkling rather than a dash. It comes paired with something very like a brown sugar, or butter crumble, and it’s easy to see why this one’s a cobbler rather than a pie: it definitely emulates that crunchy, cinnamon-butter-sugar crumble you get on a peach cobbler. There’s less of a dough flavor to this e-liquid: it’s rounder, sweeter, more fruity.

The aftertaste is sweet peach again, and it’s a good aftertaste to have. Gran-E’s Peach Cobbler E-Liquid seems like the perfect dessert vape, and would pair well with coffee or sweet tea. It’s not an overwhelming wall of a flavor, but more of a light, sweet, airy peach, almost candied in its profile. A sure-fire after-dinner treat!

You said something about love and quality management?

But let’s back away for a minute and remember we’re not actually talking about baked goods: this is e-liquid, and all the delicious flavors in the world won’t help if the e-liquid isn’t high-quality and consistent. And - not to break the fourth wall, but - there’s no Gran-E, just MELWholesale. That’s why it’s so important that we love what we do enough to do it right. Like all Mister-E-Liquid premium e-liquid, the Gran-E’s line is mixed by hand in our independently-certified ISO Class 6 cleanroom. And it’s all made-to-order, so you know you’re getting exactly the blend of nicotine strengths and VG percentages that your customers demand.

Let’s talk about that for a moment. Rather than locking you into a certain VG, Mister-E-Liquid’s flavors are all made specifically for you, for your customers, for their needs. If your customer base isn’t dripping into RDAs or using modern high-wattage sub-ohm tanks, being locked by the manufacturer into 70 VG is going to hurt your sales; if your base is heavily into clouds and volume, 33 VG isn’t going to pull customers your way. That’s why we allow full customization of VG, nicotine, and even menthol, so you can get exactly what your customers want, not what some manufacturer or distributor tells you to get.

Mister-E-Liquid’s Gran-E’s line of bakery e-liquid is enormously popular. The flavors are strong and authentic, and they run the gamut from after-dinner to all-day. They’ve got great-looking labels and names that tell you exactly what they actually taste like, and the Gran-E’s moniker leverages nostalgia to draw customer attention. Finally, you can order it in whatever combinations and compositions you personally require for repeat sales with your stores’ demographics. Contact us today to learn more about how this excellent line of bakery e-liquid flavors can drive steady sales for you!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.