Shipping Update: USPS is Back (For now!)

Shipping Update: USPS is Back (For now!)

20th May 2021

For a limited time, USPS shipping is again available! We don't know how long this will last, but we are once again offering USPS shipping in any of the states other than the 15 for which we already offer a private carrier. To stay notified when we add an option in your state, continue to check these weekly email updates!

Check the map below to see what shipping options are available in your state! To find out what options are available for your specific address, contact a member of our wholesale team at (855) 647-8373, or place an order!

MELWholesale is continuously looking for private carriers so we can provide more shipping options. Do you know of a private carrier that services your state or address that might work with us? Let our wholesale team know and we'll see what we can do!

There are several requirements we need in order to ship to our wholesale partners, including, but not limited to: a shipping solution, state licensing requirements, and, of course, your business license. USPS’ delay in releasing their rules has relieved the shipping solution nationwide but there are a few states - about 20% - where we are still working through licensing issues. Make sure to check the map for your specific situation, or give us a call. We will cheerfully let you know where your state stands.