Ninja Wire Helix Pro Designer Wire

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Ninja Wire Helix Pro Designer Wire, for the dripper who wants to vape like a ninja, but doesn't have time to #BuildLikeANinja! This prebuilt hand-made designer wire takes all the drills, swivels, and clamps out of getting the perfect wire for your RDA or RTA or whatever rebuildable device you want to put coils in. Each tube of Ninja Wire comes with four stands of five-inch-long high-quality wire custom-wound by Ninja Wire, and ready to be wrapped into coils. Try this Ninja Wire Helix Pro Designer Wire and #BuildLikeANinja!

Be sure to #HonorYourFlavor and wick your new coils with Ninja Wick Organic Japanese Cotton!

Architectural Details and Specs:
  • 1 strand 28ga Kanthal A1 Claptoned with 36ga Nichrome 80
  • Twisted with 1 strand 26ga Nichrome 80
  • Helixed with 2 strands 36ga Nichrome 80

NOTE: Orders for Ninja Wire with a quantity of 15 units or greater MUST contact our wholesale department for pricing and availability. Thank you!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.