Customer Verification

Due to recent amendments to the PACT Act, MELWholesale is now required to gather customer information, including FEIN and licenses, before we're able to ship to you. Until we receive the required information, you will be unable to make a purchase from

We need copies of your current valid state-issued Tobacco License and any required city- or county-issued Business License, with your store name and addresses of any receiving locations on the licenses. Please use this form to upload a copy of your current valid licenses. If your state does not require a Tobacco License or is a non-excise tax state, your Business License is all you would need to upload. Once we have received your license information, you will be able to receive LTL (Less Than Truckload) shipments to any locations for which you have submitted licensing information.

USPS shipments are currently unavailable while the USPS determines their business exemption guidelines. Once they have completed this, we will need to submit your location's licensing information to the US Postal Service, and receive approval back from them, before you are able to receive USPS shipments again - once they have determined their exemption guidelines. We will do this automatically for any locations for which you submit licensing information, and will notify you when that location has been approved for USPS shipments.

We are also continually searching for third-party delivery solutions! Many of our Michigan customers are now able to select ProMed delivery, and new options will be added, nationwide.

We appreciate your continued support! Please contact us today if you need assistance or have any questions.

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