The Long-Term Value of Compliance

The Long-Term Value of Compliance

24th May 2021

We get a lot of questions from customers, but probably no question more often than some version of "Why do you do it that way?" MELWholesale has gotten kind of a reputation for doing things in a certain fashion: following the rules, requiring licensing, not cutting corners, making sure all the paperwork is done. That's very much on purpose. It's one of our core values, and here's why:

We want to be here in 10 years. And 10 years after that. We want to be here as long as there's vaping, and then we'll move on to whatever comes next. (Transdermal flavor patch? Digital nicotine upload?) But if we're going to survive, we have to do that by doing things right.

This isn't new ground for Mister-E-Liquid! For 10 years, we've been taking "doing it right" as a company motto, focusing on quality and compliance, competency and certification. From receiving our raw materials to tracing our ingredients, from the documents we require to the shipping options we offer: everything we do is aimed at "doing things the right way".

Here's why this matters to you: your customers want our vape juice, so it's good for you if we stay in business! Staying on the right side of the law, following regulations, having extraordinary quality standards: these are the ways we keep MEL going from decade to decade.

That's the value of compliance: longevity. When all the fly-by-night vape manufacturers are shut down, or their leadership fined or in jail, we're going to be here, happy for the relationships we've developed with all of you over the years. Even if it's sometimes a pain - sorry about that! - we value compliance because it means we get to keep doing what we love: providing your customers with the very best vape juice.